Cole-Hamilton brands SNP NHS pay deal feeble

Responding to the Scottish government’s announcement of a 5% pay offer to NHS staff, Alex-Cole Hamilton MSP said,

“Amidst a cost of living crisis, the SNP are happy to clap for NHS workers, but they still refuse to properly pay them.

“Recruitment and retention are absolutely central to our NHS. The NHS is already experiencing crippling under-staffing and under-resourcing. The government’s feeble offer could not come at a worse time.

“Time and time again, we have seen money frittered away by the SNP government on the ferry fiasco, fraud and their plot to break up the UK. This is money that should be funding a better pay deal for health workers.

“Earlier this year the Scottish Liberal Democrats brought a vote to Parliament calling for an urgent Burnout Prevention Strategy to give extra protection, help retain staff and provide new guarantees to guard against overwork. The SNP/Green Government were wrong to vote that down.”

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