Cole-Hamilton asks for clarity over Queen’s consent procedure

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called for answers over a secretive government memo uncovered by the Guardian which reveals that “it is almost certain” draft laws were secretly changed to secure the Queen’s approval.

Speaking in the chamber, Mr Cole-Hamilton said

“The Guardian has uncovered an internal Scottish Government memo, which confirms that it “almost certainly” made changes to legislation at the request of the Queen’s lawyers. 

“Alterations to exempt crown interests and the royal household from certain aspects of law, were even made before legislation was introduced to this Parliament.

“We don’t know what changes were made, or even which Bills were changed. I think Parliament and the public deserve to see and understand those changes.

“How can parliament and the people of this country get sight of the changes to legislation made at the request of the Queen’s lawyers before it arrived at Parliament?”

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