Cole-Hamilton: A Liberal Democrat revival has begun

Just a day after the local election results were announced, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has joined victorious candidate Jack Caldwell and activists to meet constituents in the Leith Walk ward.

Figures released by Edinburgh council today revealed that the party came second on first preference votes across the city with 20.5%, just 5.4% behind the SNP.

Speaking after the campaign session, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed local representatives who stay in touch all year round, not just when there is an election on.

“However, there are always future electoral tests coming down the track and I want the party to be fighting fit to build on the momentum that these big gains at the local elections have given us.

“That means speaking to as many voters as possible and showing them the value of a Liberal Democrat representative at every level.

“We have shown that we can take seats from the Conservatives and speak for voters who feel let down by Douglas Ross and Boris Johnson. 

“Now it is time to oust the SNP who have been running Scotland down for far too long. I want to show people that whether they consider themselves nationalist, unionist or somewhere in between that Scottish Liberal Democrats have the people and the policies to build a better Scotland.

“A Liberal Democrat revival has begun.”

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