Cole-Hamilton: £1.4m monthly Sick Kids repayment “kick in the teeth”

Responding to reports that NHS Lothian has since February been repaying the equivalent of about £1.4 million a month to a private consortium for the new Sick Children’s Hospital, which it cannot use due to safety concerns, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP commented:

“Patients, parents and staff are exasperated that Sick Kids' opening has been subject to delay after delay.

“It is yet another kick in the teeth to learn that NHS Lothian has been making repayments of around £1.4 million a month since February, given the hospital has been shown to be unsafe to open. Hundreds of hospital beds are gathering dust.

“An independent inquiry into how this entire build has been managed, including how it has been overseen by SNP ministers, is now necessary.”

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