Choice is more NHS spending with Lib Dems or more borrowing with SNP

Speaking in response to the detailed analysis of the different parties' fiscal plans by the IFS, the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

"Liberal Democrats have been praised for having the most transparent plans.

"We have shown clearly how we will pay for our increase in spending on the health service in Scotland.

"The SNP will spend more on debt interest and less on public services than the Liberal Democrats.

"The IFS sets out clearly problem with the SNP's reckless borrowing.

"The choice is now whether to spend money on the health service with the Liberal Democrats or on debt interest with the SNP.

"People in Scotland will want to choose the Liberal Democrat plan to spend more on the NHS rather than the SNP plan to spend the money on debt interest.

"Scotland will get more under the Liberal Democrats than any other party."​


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