Required to work? You should get the childcare you need!

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The Scottish Government is opening up more of the economy. New businesses and shops will open in June and July.

The Scottish Government is not opening schools until August. And even when they do, children will be at home for up to four days during the week under so-called ‘blended learning’.

Other childcare – childminders, private nurseries, family and friends – are all still restricted by the Scottish Government.

It doesn’t add up.

We want a new approach from the Scottish Government. If you are required to work by your employer (including from home) then you should get the childcare and schooling you need to make that happen.

The government ramped up NHS capacity to cope with the crisis. Now they need to increase the safe provision for children to meet the needs of the recovery. That means the Scottish Government should extend plans to open up more premises for childcare, and allow more people to offer care services.

If they don’t do this then what are parents supposed to do?

How are businesses supposed to get started if their workforce can’t leave their children?

How can we make sure children don’t miss out?

If you are required to work then you should get the childcare you need – over the summer and in the new term.

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