Chamberlain: Home Office is not fit for purpose

Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain MP has branded the Home Office as ‘not fit for purpose’  as she tabled an amendment to an SNP motion due to be heard in the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon.

The amendment condemns the Conservative Government’s Hostile Environment, which has caused people to be wrongly denied access to public services, evicted from their homes, detained and deported and calls upon all parties to work across the chamber to fix the Home Office.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Wendy Chamberlain said:

“The Home Office is not fit for purpose.

“The Conservative party’s hostile environment policy turns teachers, doctors, police officers and bank clerks into border guards, and led members of the Windrush Generation to be deprived their rights, detained and even deported.

“We need a system that is in harmony across the UK, not fragmented and broken up.

“The SNP should focus on fixing this system, working with Liberal Democrats and other parties across the House of Commons who want to repair our broken system, rather than trying to complicate the system further.”

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