Chamberlain: Economy warning “truly worrying”

Commenting on Scotland’s Chief Economist’s warning that the economy will remain subdued until “the fog of Brexit has lifted”, Scottish Liberal Democrat constitutional affairs spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain said:

“This report makes for truly worrying reading. Our economy is faltering as the Tories selfishly air their deep divisions and argue over even more extreme forms of Brexit.

“As we edge closer to having a no-deal Prime Minister, thousands and thousands of people’s jobs hang in the balance, manufacturers are in limbo and foreign investment is seriously down.

“Any form of Brexit would be bad for our economy and bad for our public services. We need to move forward by giving the public the final say in a people’s vote.

“In the meantime the Scottish Government should make a transformative investment in education and mental health to help build a high-wage high-skill economy.”

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