Chamberlain calls for federal UK as devolution review published

In response to the recent publication of the Dunlop Review, Wendy Chamberlain MP said:

“In a world where our society has been profoundly divided by COVID-19, and is just starting to see the repercussions of Brexit, the Government must take a firm and decisive stand. There is momentum building to reform the United Kingdom, and we will deliver that.

“We want our future to flourish. Lord Dunlop suggested in his report to “embed the Union at the heart of UK Government policy development and decision-making”. “Reform of the UK with federalism means that the nations, regions and communities of our country can have a bigger say with the Westminster veto curtailed. Power is best exercised when it is shared and connected with people.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats believe that Federalism is still the best future for Scotland, we need Scotland to have a bigger say, with joint structures from Westminster across the UK."


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