Case for a review of Police Scotland is compelling

The case for a wider review into the operations of Police Scotland is now overwhelming.  

Just his week it was confirmed by Interception of Communication Commissioner’s Office (IOCCO) that the force had breached the law on the interception of communications on five occasions, ‘adversely affecting’ four individuals.

This was no technical breach with the Commissioner condemning Police Scotland's actions as “reckless” failures and concluded the applications “failed to satisfy adequately the requirements of necessity and proportionality”.

The IOCCO probe came to light in July 2015 but since then Police Scotland and SNP ministers have continually refused to confirm or deny whether the national force was one of those being investigated.

It is not just reckless, it is outrageous that police officers thought they were above the law.

By intruding on confidential exchanges without judicial approval they risk destroying the public’s trust in a body that should be focusing on protecting our communities.

This is the worst kind of cover-up because one of journalists’ key roles is to hold people, public bodies and governments to account.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary has been called in again.

From Stop & Search where we told conflicting information at different times to call handling where we were told everything was fine when it was not. 

From top down targets that damage operations locally to growing concern about the enforcement of gun licencing.

With all the widespread problems in Police Scotland tinkering at the edge will no longer do. It is clear we need an inquiry into the operations of Police Scotland.  What else has to go wrong before the SNP Government agrees?

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