Carmichael: SNP all talk and no action

Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader Alistair Carmichael MP has today accused the SNP of being “all talk and no action” after research by the Scottish Liberal Democrats revealed that a year on, the Government’s flagship Scottish Growth Scheme has not paid out any money to businesses because necessary changes to parliamentary procedures have still not been brought forward. 

The Scottish Growth Scheme was a package of measures launched on 16th June 2016. However in September of last year it was revealed that before the scheme can invite applications a change to parliamentary procedures associated with approving Scottish Government guarantees will be required. More than a year after the scheme was announced the Scottish Liberal Democrats have revealed that no work has been done relating to changing these parliamentary procedures.

Commenting Mr Carmichael said: 

“With hundreds of millions of pounds still waiting to be deployed, this shows that when it comes to the economy, the SNP truly is all talk and no action. 

“The Scottish Growth Fund is their flagship economic initiative yet while the Scottish economy has had a brush with recession, not a single payment to businesses has been made. Firms have already expressed a strong interest in the fund but have not been met with any progress by the Scottish Government. 

“The SNP have had a whole parliamentary year to put through the procedural changes necessary. They must have been distracted by something big considering how vital this support is for businesses. With the Scottish Parliament in recess, businesses will now have to wait even longer for the SNP to deliver on a promise they made over a year ago.” 

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