Carmichael questions “absurd” SNP claims over ferry funding

Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael has today launched a stinging attack on the SNP questioning their “absurd” claims that only an SNP MSP can deliver fair ferry funding for the constituency and highlighting the victories that Tavish Scott achieved as both a minister and as an opposition MSP.

Mr Carmichael said:

“The SNP have been making the absurd claim that Shetland needs an SNP MSP to get anything done on ferry funding.

“The logical extension of their argument is that Mike Russell must be the worst MSP in Scotland. He has been a cabinet secretary at the heart of government for years, yet the internal ferry service in his constituency of Argyll and Bute shares the same funding problems as we have had for years in Shetland. Either Mike Russell has not been using his influence in the way that the nationalists in Shetland claim is possible or else the SNP Government in Edinburgh are just not that bothered about the challenges faced by island communities.   Personally, I have always considered Mike Russell to be adequate as an MSP and reasonably competent so I am disinclined to blame him but I don’t see many other options to explain the problem.

“The SNP continue to misrepresent Tavish Scott’s legacy.

“From securing financial support for internal ferry services to the air discount scheme and the return of eye care services from Aberdeen. It didn’t matter to Tavish whether he was on the government benches or the opposition, he always fought for our community. I am confident that Beatrice Wishart will do the same.”

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