Carmichael: no more gimmicky schemes around vaccine passports

Responding to comments from Deputy First Minister John Swinney on Good Morning Scotland in which he said that barring people who refuse a coronavirus vaccination from certain large events is the wrong approach, Alistair Carmichael MP said:

"For months SNP ministers have flitted back and forward over the introduction of vaccine passports. You would be forgiven for suspecting that they would like to impose “Covid ID” but are just embarrassed that the Tories got there first.

"John Swinney today has effectively ruled out all vaccine passports but Humza Yousaf last week suggested he was open to them. Meanwhile the Scottish Government has people working on the proposal behind the scenes. They need to either rule vaccine passports out for good – or come clean about their authoritarian proposals.

"Vaccine passports are illiberal and unworkable and would impose a huge burden on businesses which have already been hit badly by the pandemic. They cannot afford the extra costs of enforcing this chaotic system. What we need is a working test and trace system and a consent-based vaccination programme to get us over the line – not more gimmicky schemes.”


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