Carmichael: Mundell must be living under a rock

Responding to David Mundell’s speech to the Conservative conference this morning, Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader Alistair Carmichael MP has said that the Scottish Secretary must be living under a rock if he believes that his party has a common sense approach to Brexit. 

“If David Mundell seriously thinks that his party is putting forward a common sense approach to Brexit then he has clearly been living under a rock and missing those Jeremy Kyle style counselling sessions that have been happening within the cabinet.

“Aside from the fact that Brexit itself is nonsensical, the Tories approach to Brexit has been anything but common sense. We have a sitting duck Prime Minister who has no control of her own Government and a cabinet pulling itself apart that even the writers for EastEnders couldn’t make it up.

“Liberal Democrats are the only party that are putting forward a clear approach. Giving the British people a final say is the common sense approach and will give them a chance to vote on the reality and not what bumbles in around Boris Johnson’s head.”

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