Carmichael: Guantanamo Bay makes us all less safe

Scottish Liberal Democrat deputy leader and MP for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael has today called for the UK Government to clarify whether it will support Guantanamo Bay remaining open. 

This call comes in the aftermath of the news that Jamal Al-Harith, who was held and tortured in the detention camp for two years, without charge, had become radicalised and joined ISIL, and committed a suicide attack in Mosul earlier this month. 

Mr Carmichael said: 

“The Government previously supported President Obama’s aspiration to see Guantanamo Bay closed. The current President when he was campaigning said he was going to load it up with “some bad dudes”. Does the Government now support President Obama’s position or President Trump’s?” 

“Jamal Al-Harith was detained in Guantanamo Bay for two years. He was subjected to torture, ‘advanced interrogation’ and religious abuses. His rights were denied, and at no point was he ever charged.

“There is no place for these human rights abuses in a civilised nation. Guantanamo Bay plays into the propaganda of our enemies, and makes us all less safe. The UK Government must push our American allies to close this cruel and barbaric prison, and to ensure that we uphold our values of freedom, justice, and fair treatment.”

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