Carmichael: Government strategy on Brexit in tatters

Commenting on the news of the High Court ruling that Westminster must have a vote on triggering Article 50, Scottish Liberal Democrat MP, Alistair Carmichael said:

“In as much as the government has any strategy for handling Brexit, it is now in tatters. Theresa May has got to get a grip and start facing up to the realities of Brexit instead of wishing the difficulties away. Instead of wasting taxpayers money on pursuing an appeal Theresa May should tell us when parliament will get its say on this.”

“This ruling shows that momentum is with us who wish to see another vote on the terms of Brexit and all parties like the SNP should join us to help protect the UK’s relationship with the EU. Although the British people voted for a departure they did not vote for a destination and it is vital that we give the people a vote on the final deal.”

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