Carmichael criticises Sturgeon’s “baloney” independence claim

Responding to Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the SNP campaign conference, Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign chair Alistair Carmichael MP said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has had some well documented failures of memory recently but even she must remember the way in which the last independence referendum completely occupied the bandwidth of the Scottish government in the run up to 2014.

"Every single civil servant who is working on an independence bill is one who could be working on the recovery from the pandemic so for the First Minister to claim that "Independence is not a distraction" is clearly baloney.

"While Willie Rennie sets out the Scottish Liberal Democrats' plans for education and mental health, the First Minister will spend it fighting a running battle with her former political mentor.

"Scottish Liberal Democrats will ensure that the next government is one that is focused on putting recovery first."


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