Carmichael challenges other parties to match Lib Dem NHS funding ambitions

Liberal Democrat Scotland spokesperson Alistair Carmichael today (31 March 2015) challenged other parties to match Liberal Democrat funding ambitions for Scotland’s NHS as he joined Gordon candidate Christine Jardine on the campaign trail in the North East.

Speaking after meeting staff at a local business, Mr Carmichael said that the £800 million per year coming to Scotland under Liberal Democrat plans would particularly benefit health boards like NHS Grampian which have been short changed by the SNP. 

Hospitals in the North East have been historically underfunded, with the current SNP government coming under criticism from the Liberal Democrats again this year for short-changing NHS Grampian to the tune of £17m.

Speaking today, Mr Carmichael said that the General Election is a golden opportunity to secure better healthcare with Lib Dem plans to fully fund the NHS across the UK.

Mr Carmichael said:

“The General Election presents us with a golden opportunity to secure better healthcare for Scotland.

"The SNP in the Scottish Government have taken their eye off the ball on day to day health services to focus on their independence plan. As a result, cancer waiting times targets have been missed, hospitals have faced a beds shortage and Accident and Emergency units went into crisis. It can be argued that the North East has felt the impact of this neglect hardest. 

"In the last year alone NHS Grampian has been short changed to the tune of £17m. If we are to build a fairer society, that needs to change. Liberal Democrat plans to balance the books by 2018 will help ensure that we could deliver an extra £800 million to the Scottish NHS every year. Health boards like Grampian which have been short changed would stand to benefit from this increasing funding.

“The Tories' drastic cuts will put the burden of finding extra money on the NHS itself. Labour’s spending plans will not give doctors or nurses the support they need and by borrowing more and putting the economy at risk the SNP would threaten public sector funding across the board.

“My challenge to the other parties in Scotland is this - will you match our ambition for the health service and gave doctors and nurses the support they need, and tell us how you plan to fund it?”

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