Campbell: Blackford has a great deal to answer for

Former Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell has today called on voters to help the Lib Dems to win back the former seat of Charles Kennedy and criticised SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford as he campaigned in support of Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Ross, Skye and Lochaber Craig Harrow.


Speaking after a visit to the Black Isle Brewery, Lord Campbell said:

"Charles Kennedy was a Highland gentleman and an excellent local MP. He always fought for the Highlands and led the principled opposition to the Iraq War, yet faced appalling treatment at the hands of the SNP in the most despicable campaign I can recall in all my time in politics. 

“Ian Blackford has a great deal to answer for, as does the SNP High Command in Edinburgh who knew exactly what sort of campaign was being run locally.

"It would be a bitter blow to the nationalists if they were to lose their Westminster leader for the second election in a row. Craig Harrow is a Liberal Democrat of the Kennedy tradition and would be an outstanding MP."

Notes to editors:

A picture of Menzies Campbell and Craig Harrow at the Black Isle Brewery can be found here

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