Cable: Lib Dem movement is growing

Addressing the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference in Hamilton today, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable will outline his proposals to turn the Liberal Democrats into a growing movement.

Vince Cable is expected to say:  

“Politics is broken. Labour and the Conservatives are broken.
“But the way things are today are not the way they have to be. People deserve better, and the Liberal Democrats demand better.
"We have always fought for a different way of doing things.
“We are a party with liberal champions elected to parliaments here in Scotland, in Wales and to Westminster. We are a movement of 100,000 members, nearly 2000 councillors and a vibrant base of activists.
“We have been delivering for communities up and down the country for 30 years and more. On the big issues, from Iraq to Brexit, we have called it right.
“Our party is also changing. As you know, last year I set out proposals to remake and open up our own party… to turn the Liberal Democrats into a growing movement.
“At our UK Conference in York next month you, our members, will have the chance to decide how we open our party up to supporters, how we decide who should be our leader and who can become our candidates.
“Politics can be better, and Liberal Democrats are right in the heart of it of it; standing up for our communities, taking on power and privilege and restoring fairness and opportunity for all.”

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