Business case for independence has not been made

Scottish Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Highlands Danny Alexander has said that a powerful intervention into the independence debate from a group of 130 employers demonstrates the lack of a credible economic case for the nationalists independence plans.

An open letter signed by a group of 130 business leaders including Weir Group chief executive Keith Cochrane, Audrey Baxter of Baxters Food Group and Boyd Tunnock argued that remaining in the UK provides the best opportunities for jobs and growth.

Commenting, Danny Alexander MP said:

"This letter is from a large group of the very people who create the wealth and jobs that our prosperity depends on. The signatories run small and large firms in every part of Scotland, employing tens of thousands of people. I urge everyone in Scotland, particularly those who are still undecided on how to vote, to take the opinions of these wealth creators seriously.

"They are crystal clear – the business case for independence has not been made and Scotland is thriving as part of the UK. This powerful intervention comes after the SNP’s currency fiasco, fantasy oil revenues and extraordinary threat that an independent Scotland wouldn't pay its share of the UK's debts. There simply isn't one credible economic argument for independence. The Scottish economy is growing and creating jobs as part of the UK - Scottish business is right that we shouldn't put that at risk."

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