Business backs Lib Dem plans for a greener Britain

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Sir Malcolm Bruce today said protecting the environment is in Liberal Democrat DNA as he welcomed the publication of an open letter backing the Lib Dem green economy vision signed by business leaders, investors and philanthropists.

The letter praises the Lib Dem record in Government and emphasises the need for them to be part of the next Government. Highlighting the SNP’s failure to meet emissions reduction targets three years in a row, Sir Malcolm said voters who are serious about building a stronger, greener economy should back the Liberal Democrats.

The open letter highlights how the Lib Dems have delivered on the green agenda since 2010, including:

  • Securing £37 billion investment in renewable electricity 
  • Establishing the world's first Green Investment Bank
  • Leading Europe to agree a new more ambitious EU-wide climate change target

The letter says this was achieved in the face of battles with Conservative opponents.

Commenting, Sir Malcolm Bruce said:

“Protecting the environment is in Liberal Democrat DNA. In government we have forced through green policies in the face of furious opposition from Tory dinosaurs who simply don’t care about the environment.

“Natalie Bennett of the Green Party has largely ignored the environment during the campaign and we know that the SNP have missed their climate change targets three years in a row. That is simply not good enough.

“The message that this letter sends to people who have voted Green, SNP or for other parties in the past and are serious about the environment is clear. If you want a stronger, greener economy for Scotland then you need to vote for the Liberal Democrats.”

Liberal Democrat Energy & Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey added: 

"In Government we have a proud record of delivery - from nearly tripling electricity from renewables, to making more than 1 million homes warmer and cheaper to heat and securing an ambitious EU-wide agreement on tackling climate change.

"We've delivered in the face of almost daily battles with the Tories on everything from onshore wind to keeping climate change in the geography curriculum. By putting our plan for five new Green Laws on the front of our manifesto we've shown our intent to go further and faster if we're in the next Government.”


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