Brexit - "distracting and expensive"

Mark Logan, the former Chief Operating Officer at Skyscanner has said independence would be like Brexit - "distracting and expensive". 

Logan, a leading tech investor, said: 

"I find it difficult to see how any party can reconcile on the one hand a view that says Brexit is a terribly bad thing, with one that says Scottish independence from England or Britain is a good thing.

"I say that because one of my main concerns with both Brexit and independence is that to try to implement either... we have already seen with the British government and Europe, that it is extraordinarily distracting and it's extraordinarily expensive. 

"It creates enormous division and it takes the government away from saying what can we do to make our health service better, to make our industry better. To see the extraordinary difficulties our entire cabinet is dealing with in London, I don't think we want to be simultaneously be doing that in Edinburgh too."

Responding, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“Mark Logan is spot on. He is right to point out that the complexity and cost of independence would be similar to that of Brexit. It would be distracting and expensive when we could be investing that time and money in improving public services like the NHS or driving improvements to our economy. 

“I hope Nicola Sturgeon listens carefully to this wise voice and abandons her plans for independence.”

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