Arlene Foster must be sensitive to Scottish politics

Arlene Foster should be sensitive to Scottish politics on her visit to Cowdenbeath. That is the view of Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats on the news that the DUP has accepted an invitation to participate in an Orange Order march in Cowdenbeath.

Willie Rennie said:

“With the Northern Ireland Assembly suspended I would have thought that Arlene Foster’s time would be better spent reaching across the political divide at home rather than marching on the streets of a small town in Fife.

“As a liberal I, of course, believe she has the right to come to Cowdenbeath. Yet she needs to tread with care as Scottish politics is very different from that in Northern Ireland.  Political parties in Scotland attract support from people who have different religious beliefs and that is the way it should be. 

“The visit does remind us that Arlene Foster’s DUP have a big influence on the direction of the Conservative Government, with their socially conservative views on gay rights and abortion that is far from healthy.”

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