Apply for Settled Status

For the last four years, the Liberal Democrats fought to stop Brexit.

Being members of the European Union has served us well since 1973.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have fought tooth and nail to protect our place in that union and promote the endless benefits it provides us, many of which are often overlooked.

We held street stalls, town hall meetings and we marched in our millions.

We can stand strong in the knowledge that we did everything we could.

Tens of thousands of people got involved with our campaign. People who had never campaigned before. And old hands, campaigning harder than they ever had before.

We fought because we love our country.

Our pro-Europeanism is built on our patriotism.

Now what?

The priority now should be working together in partnership to reform the United Kingdom and keep us close to our European friends and neighbours. 

The UK must secure the closest trading partnerships with our friends in Europe and remain an open and internationalist country.

Brexit has driven away many talented individuals so ending freedom of movement, and making our country less open, is already harming Scotland. 

It wasn’t until the Brexit fiasco was underway that many across the UK were made aware of the huge benefits of being part of the European community, the customs union, the single market, the common travel area, Euratom, the European Investment Bank, the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, Erasmus, and much more.

These bodies have kept continent-wide policing, health research and cross-border trade chugging along smoothly for decades. All of that is in jeopardy now and dependent on Johnson’s priorities and powers of persuasion. Many people are rightfully skeptical and scared.

But we should all remember that Brexit has a human cost. For many EU nationals, the referendum and its aftermath have cast a dark cloud of anxiety over their continued future here.

EU citizens currently living and working in the UK have to apply for "settled status" to retain the same rights as British citizens post-Brexit. To apply please click here