App-y days as Prime Minister commits to fixing test and trace app bug

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today committed to fixing an interoperability issue with the Scottish and English test and trace apps.

The Protect Scotland and NHS COVID-19 apps help NHS Scotland and England carry out test and tracing respectively. However, if someone crosses the border they have to manually switch between the two apps – it does not happen automatically. 

Wendy Chamberlain MP today raised this issue during Prime Ministers Questions (14 October 2020), explaining that on her train journeys to and from Westminster, she discovered she had to manually switch between the apps.

Chamberlain commented that this was a “great concern” for the thousands of people who live in border communities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed to “make sure that there is interoperability” between the Scottish and English apps.

Wendy Chamberlain, Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife, commented:

“Seven months on from the initial recognition that a test and trace app would be a crucial part of the ‘new normal’, I was disappointed to discover that the NHS Scotland and NHS England apps do not work together.

“This presents a real issue – not least to the thousands of people who live in border communities. We are asking everybody to play their part and download the apps – this needs to be made as easy as possible.

“I was very pleased that the Prime Minister has now personally committed to solving this problem. He can be sure that I will be holding him to this commitment.”

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