Another £860k ploughed into failing CAP IT system

Scottish Liberal Democrat rural affairs spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP has revealed that the Scottish Government has had to put another £860,000 into the notorious CAP IT system.

The Scottish Government has specifically invested £860,000 in addressing the “sub-optimal code within the Rural Payments and Services IT platform and re-testing” in order to rectify problems with the CAP IT system.

Mike Rumbles also queried whether the system was “fully functional” and delivering on its duties and discovered there are a number of functions still to be delivered over the next six months.

In addition staff overtime payments for work on overdue farm payments has totalled more than £1.3m since 2015.

Mike Rumbles said:

“The failing CAP IT system has been a sore point for the Scottish Government and while rural communities continue to suffer it has ploughed hundreds of millions of pounds down this IT black hole. Staff have had to work extra hard to sort out the blunders.

“Messing up CAP delivery has become the norm for this government. Given the last three years of delays and procrastination I’m unsurprisingly sceptical of promises that remaining functions will be delivered over the next six months.

“The Cabinet Secretary has revealed to me they’ve had to chuck another £860k at this project to get more of it working. We need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time the Minister told the public when farm payments will really be back on track.”

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