Alexander lays bare full fiscal autonomy cost for local communities

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has called on people across Scotland to keep the economic recovery on track.

The call comes as he published Liberal Democrat analysis which lays bare the devastating impact the SNP’s full fiscal autonomy plans would have on communities across Scotland.

People in Glasgow, dubbed by the SNP as “Yes city” could face a near £1bn hit to public services under the SNP’s plans which would see an £8.4bn black hole in public finances.

Earlier this week, the Scottish Liberal Democrat published a dossier showing how the SNP have centralised the life out of Scotland.

Commenting on the full fiscal autonomy analysis, Danny Alexander said:

“These devastating figures lay bare the true cost of the SNP’s plans to communities across Scotland. It shows that voting SNP is risky business if you want strong public services.

“Only Liberal Democrats have put forward costed and responsible plans to balance the books by 2018. We’d cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than the SNP and Labour.

“The SNP’s full fiscal autonomy plans would be felt even harshly in Scotland after they cut the ties of pooling and sharing across the UK. Our analysis shows that in Glasgow, local services could face a £1bn hit to already stretched resources. In the Highland's, this would represent a cut of over £356m.

“The SNP have centralized the life out of Scotland. Their full fiscal autonomy plans would flatline the beating heart of local communities.

“This shows why, on May 7th, people need to vote Liberal Democrat in each of our eleven held seats so that we can stop the SNP and guarantee the economic recovery for all.”

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