Alex Salmond trying to rewrite history on RBS

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has accused Alex Salmond of trying to rewrite history after he claimed that he could have saved RBS from the banking crisis in 2008.

The claims, made in a newspaper interview today, are contrary to the fact that Alex Salmond encouraged RBS Chief Executive Fred Goodwin in his ambitions to expand RBS through initiatives such as the takeover of Dutch Bank ABN Amro.

Mr Salmond also said in the interview that if he hadn’t stood for Westminster, “If that didn’t happen then I hope and believe we could have avoided the international banking crisis. 

Mr Rennie said:

“Alex Salmond’s ludicrous attempt to rewrite history over his support of RBS’ exploits is dealt a fatal blow by his own pen. It was Alex Salmond who offered his and Scotland’s support to the disastrous takeover bid of ABN Amro as one of his first acts as First Minister in 2007. 

"This is a bizarre attempt by Alex Salmond to portray his newfound hindsight as foresight. If only Alex Salmond had been in the Spice Girls, they might never have broken up." 

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