At our heart we want every individual to achieve their potential.


The Liberal Democrat view is an optimistic one. We believe in the essential goodness of humankind.

Given the opportunity, people will choose to do good rather than harm.

We will do all we can to give opportunity for everyone, to be aspirational, helping people to get up and get on in life.

We support the creativity and genius that can come from individual liberty, and support entrepreneurship, science and individual endeavour. 

Education liberates the individual and equips them to achieve their potential and be the best they can be. Everyone should have the skills to get on in life.

For too long a person’s chances have been determined not by their abilities but by where they were born, or their class, their gender, sexuality, religion or whether the government of the day considers them to be ‘one of us’.

We stand up against the abuse of power. We stand up for the individual against the state. We stand up for the outsider against the establishment.

Because we see the best in people, we want people always to have a second chance in life. That means making sure education and retraining, as well as rehabilitation and health services, are there for people throughout their life.

Because we see people as individuals not as opposing tribes, lined up against each other, we believe in helping people wherever they are in the world, most especially when they flee terror and oppression.

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