Conference Access Fund

We have established a Conference Access Fund to improve accessibility for members attending Scottish Party Conference.

The fund consists of a contribution from our Conference budget as well as donations from party members. Any contributions made by party members are ring-fenced for this purpose only and where applicable, any unused donations will be carried over to the next conference.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If there is high demand, priority will be given to members who are attending Conference for the first time and members from underrepresented sections of society.

Those claiming expenses are expected to search for the cheapest travel and accommodation options or ulilise the discounts at the Conference Hotel (e.g. unless the distance is prohibitive it would be expected party members book a coach). Claims for petrol costs will only be considered if there is a legitimate need (e.g. disability).

If you make an application we will aim to let you know as soon as possible whether you have been successful or not. Applicants are expected to cover the cost themselves initially and to make a claim post-conference (all relevant receipts must be provided).

All information provided will be treated in strict confidence. We may ask for further information on your circumstances if required.

You can apply for a contribution towards:



For details of registered childminders in the conference vicinity please see

Please provide formal quote

Accommodation & travel
Note that petrol costs will only be covered in exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement

Up to £30/night accommodation

Travel - cheapest available

Disability or access-related costs
By individual circumstance


Other costs may be considered. Please give as much detail as possible in your application.

How to apply & application deadline

The deadline for applications for Autumn Conference is the 17th August 2018.

All applications made by 17 August 2018 will be considered. Applicants will be contacted as soon as possible with the outcome. Applications received after 17 August 2018 will only be considered if funding is still available.

To apply for assistance please download this form and email to