Abortion rights should be protected on both sides of the Atlantic

Responding to documents leaked to Politico indicating that the US Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade and the continued failure of the Scottish Government to introduce buffer zones around abortion clinics in Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"The reports from America are truly scary. If this goes through, women will die if pregnancy threatens their life. Abortion is not a decision that is taken lightly. My thoughts go out to all of those scared about the future, because of the decision that they fear is coming down the tracks. The Court's draft ruling shows how easily our basic human rights can be dismantled.

"We must make sure that we protect the rights of women to access safe and legal abortion in the UK without harassment. For years campaigners including myself have been calling for buffer zones around abortion clinics to ensure that people in a time of need are not faced with intimidation and shame at a time when they deserve support and empathy.

"No one thinks that Nicola Sturgeon and Maree Todd have anything in common with the US Republican party and its legal assault on personal freedoms, but the fact is that they have stalled and dissembled over these buffer zones for far too long.

"It is the responsibility of a modern and liberal society to uphold their citizen’s rights to medical access and medical privacy."

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