A progressive beacon?

Alex Salmond once referred to Scotland under the SNP as a progressive beacon. Now we are being referred to the United Nations by our very own human rights commission.

The Commission are frustrated that despite raising concerns about the excessive use of non statutory stop and search by the police nothing seems to have changed.

In a report to the UN, the Scottish Human Rights Commission underlined the need for stop-and-search to take place within the legal framework set out by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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Just last year I gave Alex Salmond, when he was still First Minister, the opportunity to say he was uncomfortable with the excessive use of police stop and search on children.  He declined my invitation.  In fact he went onto defend the policy.

You can read our exchange at FMQs here:


If this is the sort of progressive beacon he had in mind I just hope it does not burn too bright.

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