A&E waiting times crisis continues

Responding to the publication of weekly A&E waiting times, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP warned that without new guarantees for staff wellbeing, staff will “head for the door”.

Only 76% of those attending A&E were seen within the SNP’s four hour target time. Six weeks ago, this figure was a record low.

Commenting, Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“The crisis in emergency care continues.

“Even with staff working harder than ever and police officers and the army pitching in, more than 6,000 people a week are waiting more than four hours to be seen. Over a thousand are waiting more than eight.

“It’s only October. Winter pressures will make things so much worse.

“Staff need to know that their wellbeing won’t be sacrificed more than it has been already. They need a light at the end of the tunnel, and a cast iron guarantee that the health service will look after them, just as they have looked after us.

“If the Health Secretary can’t offer this, staff will undoubtedly head for the door.

“The government must also take full responsibility, instead of hiding behind the excuse of the pandemic. There needs to be a full independent review into all unnecessary deaths caused by this crisis, so that the government does not repeat its mistakes.”


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