"Wishart will be a force for good" says Rennie on harbour boat visit

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today said that Beatrice Wishart will be a force for good in Holyrood if she is elected next Thursday.

After a campaign visit which saw Mr Rennie and Ms Wishart take to the water with the Lerwick harbour pilot boats, Mr Rennie said

“Beatrice has the steely determination necessary to stand up for Shetland in Parliament.

“She has a depth of experience of life, from working with Women’s Aid to being a councillor for Lerwick to solving problems and providing help to local people through Tavish and Alistair’s office. 

"She was born here, educated here, lives here, works here, and raised a family here. She is experienced and compassionate.  Beatrice is exactly what Shetland needs to succeed Tavish Scott as Shetland's MSP.

“It is disappointing the SNP have been so negative about what Tavish Scott achieved over 20 years. Tavish directly influenced ministers of all political colours. From ferries to the NHS to transport, Tavish achieved so much and that is exactly the model of service for local people that Beatrice will follow.  Ministers, no matter which party they are from, will be left in no doubt what Beatrice Wishart thinks or wants for Shetland.

“Politics has got plenty of loudmouths, Beatrice won’t add to that number. She will get on with listening, fixing and making the case for what matters for Shetland.”

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