"Wilfully ignorant" SNP council boss declares "not a cat in hell's chance" of Covid second wave

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie has described Fife Council's SNP co-leader David Alexander as ‘wilfully ignorant of the facts’ after Mr Alexander declared "there's not a cat in hell's chance" of a second wave of the coronavirus hitting Scotland.

Mr Alexander's comments came in response to proposals put forward by Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor Tim Brett asking for a "rapid inquiry" into Scotland's response to Covid-19.

Responding to Mr Alexander's comments, Willie Rennie said: 

“David Alexander has his fingers in his ears, a blindfold over his eyes and his head in the sand if he thinks there is no chance of a second wave in Fife. 

“His own party in government recognises the risks across Scotland and it is thanks to the caution and care of everyone across Fife that we are keeping the spread of the virus low and saving lives. 

“To not see the very clear and present risk of the virus is to be wilfully ignorant of the facts. We have seen outbreaks in Dumfriesshire, Lanarkshire and Aberdeen so Fife could be next.

“We should expect more from a co-leader of Fife Council as people may listen to him. If people drop their guard the consequences could be severe. There is a risk his views may have an impact on the policy and actions of Fife Council on the handling of the virus too.

“So it is imperative that Nicola Sturgeon contact her councillor David Alexander to advise him on what the real picture is across the country including in Fife.”

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