Scottish Government must act to protect airport passengers and employees

In the Scottish Parliament today, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP stressed the importance of governmental cooperation with the aviation industry to ensure the new quarantine restrictions are introduced safely, and to protect the jobs of thousands of employees.

In a question to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Mr Cole-Hamiliton asked:

“I’ve had correspondence about this statement from Edinburgh Airport, one of the biggest employers in my constituency. They have informed me that they only received notice and the details of this plan as the Cabinet Secretary got to his feet some moments ago.”

The Cabinet Secretary for Transport claimed the government is going to meet with representatives of the aviation sector. He also said that the government will ensure further cooperation with aviation firms to provide a definite strategy for passengers and their quarantine period.

On this response, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:
“Mr Matheson claimed there will be meetings soon, but failed to define his meaning of “soon”. The Scottish Government must act fast and provide a clear and concise time map to protect the livelihoods of aviation industry employees and the safety of those arriving or returning to Scotland.”

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