Scotland still lagging England by 148,000 vaccines

The Leader of the Scottish  Liberal Democrats has called on the Scottish Government to cut the boasting about daily vaccine rates when Scotland is still lagging England by 148,594.

Willie Rennie says the Scottish Government’s sluggish rollout of the life saving vaccine has improved but the gap with England is still huge.

Scotland should have vaccinated almost 1 million people by now but is still 148,594 shy of that number. 987,860 should have been vaccinated if Scotland had vaccinated at the same rate as England but only 839,266 have been vaccinated according to yesterday’s figures.

Willie Rennie said:

“It is good news that Scotland's rollout is slowly picking up pace but the First Minister should cut the boasting about record daily figures when Scotland is still way behind England.

“Every day and every vaccine counts as the longer people are left unprotected the greater the exposure to risk and the longer it will take to defeat the virus.

“Almost a million people should have been vaccinated by now but we are way off that number because of the sluggish start to the rollout here.”


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