Rennie calls for investment in pupils, firms and mental health.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish budget being presented to Parliament on 28 January, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:


"This budget needs to have a needle-sharp focus on the recovery from the pandemic.


“To help businesses recover, the Scottish Government must put in place measures to support businesses that are struggling just to stay alive and ensure that money is getting to those who need it.

“To help pupils, many of whom have lost up to six months of education, we will need catch up funds in place and a funding scheme to enable schools to direct support to the pupils who need it most.


“To help the public recover from the trauma of lost loved ones and support all of those whose mental health has suffered, we need a world leading investment in mental health.


“And to help the NHS recover we need a package of support that delivers for both services and staff.


“A single penny spent on preparing Scotland for another independence referendum is a penny denied to these vital services. This is the first budget of the recovery and the government’s priorities should reflect that.



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