McArthur: Conservatives playing tired old tune on prisoner voting

Commenting on this afternoon’s Scottish Conservative party debate on prisoner voting, Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP said:

“The public understands that our communities are safer when we invest in smart justice. They understand that imprisonment should be a chance to give people who have done wrong the opportunity to do right in the future.


“That is why this Parliament was right in overwhelmingly supporting a change in prisoner voting rights. The previous blanket ban was not fair, progressive or legal. Nor did it help rehabilitation and make our communities safer.

“Moreover, in the midst of a pandemic, with businesses, schools and our health services crying out for help, there were perhaps more pressing issues for the Tories to choose for debate. Then again, some in the Conservative party will always make time to bash out a tired old tune on the trusty dog whistle.”


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