Ambiguity remains over child protection plans

Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that ambiguity remains around the Scottish Government’s plans to ensure the safety of children in Scotland in light of a significant warning from the Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate.

During First Minister’s Questions today Scottish Liberal Democrat business manager, Alison McInnes MSP, pressed the First Minister to set out his government’s priorities for action following publication earlier this week of Care Inspectorate assessments into how well children and vulnerable adults are protected from abuse.

In a significant report which highlighted “important and major weaknesses” in Scotland’s public agencies in dealing with the first reports of abuse, Annette Bruton warned “it would be a serious mistake to assume Scotland is immune from the type of child exploitation” seen elsewhere in the UK.

Responding to Scottish Liberal Democrat calls the First Minister announced that a statement would take place next week in the Scottish Parliament, but did not set out his priorities for action.

Speaking after First Minister’s Questions, Ms McInnes said: “There remains a great degree of ambiguity around the Scottish Government’s plans to ensure the safety of children in Scotland. Annette Bruton’s warning came despite knowing the range of measures already in place in many of Scotland’s public agencies. "The ministerial statement next week must reflect the need for a detailed, timetabled plan of urgent and immediate action to address these major weaknesses.”

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