'Almost criminal' for UK patients to be excluded from clinical trials post-Brexit

In response to a question from Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, Dame Anna Dominiczak, Regius Professor of Medicine at Glasgow University has today warned that leaving the European Union in a way which would lead to Scottish or UK patients being excluded from clinical trials would be "almost criminal".

Speaking at the Health Committee Dame Anna Dominiczak said that an agreement to remain in the European network for clinical trials once the UK leaves the EU should be part of the Brexit deal and warned that it would not be easy to replace the existing networks with a global version.

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

"A world leading expert in her field has today warned that it would be 'almost criminal' for us to crash out without a deal that protects our valuable medical links.

"It's essential that Scottish and UK patients, especially those with rare conditions, have access to pan-European clinical trials.

"Failure to secure this would leave us worse off. Everyone wants to be able to rely on participation in ground-breaking research in the event that our health takes a turn for the worse."

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