Seven days to be the best again

This election, I’m having the time of my life. We are running an uplifting campaign that is focusing on the big challenges that Scotland is facing today.

Everywhere I go, people come up to me to say how pleased they are that our party is campaigning strongly on education and that we are giving mental health the attention it has missed out on for years.

People are considering voting Liberal Democrat for the first time based on our bold and positive programme for Scotland. We are clearly broadening our support.

We have seven days left to ensure that the next five years is about making Scotland the best again. That means investing in education and mental health, guaranteeing our civil liberties and exceeding our climate change targets. You will only get that with the Liberal Democrats at Holyrood.

I’m optimistic that we’re going to grow at this election and elect more strong liberal voices to the Scottish Parliament. And it is vital that we do.

Over the last five years, with just five MSPs, we’ve made a real difference, persuading the SNP to extend free childcare to thousands of extra two year olds across Scotland, challenging on police centralisation and pushing back against armed police on our streets and out-of-control stop and search.

We will always play a grown up, constructive role at Holyrood. And with more MSPs in the next parliament we will deliver on mental health, climate change and protecting our civil liberties.

If you want a strong, liberal parliament that will deliver investment in education, protect our NHS and stand up for the environment then you need to vote for it and back the Liberal Democrats next week.

We’re back to our best and our positive agenda will help Scotland be the best again.

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