2021 exam solution can't pile more work on teachers

Commenting ahead of the statement by the Education Secretary tomorrow on exams, expected to set out policies for the current school year alongside the review of the 2020 exams fiasco, Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Beatrice Wishart MSP commented: 

"Pupils and teachers deserve long-overdue clarity about what will happen with exams this year. They are reaching the mid-term break but still don't know what they are being assessed on or how.

"Scotland's teachers work some of the longest hours in the world at the best of times, and all the indications are that their workloads have got heavier still during the pandemic. We need assurances that tomorrow's announcements won't pile more work on them, and that the largely absent Education Scotland will finally step up.

"The Education Secretary also needs to commit tomorrow to listen to those at the hard end of his decisions. If he had listened to the chorus of warnings earlier in the year then he never would have dealt August's crushing blow to pupils' ambitions or penalised those from poorer backgrounds."

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