Tom Coleman

Candidate for Glasgow Provan

Tom has been a believer in liberal causes since becoming politically aware. Having moved to Glasgow in 2007 to study, Tom found it to be a vibrant city with a fantastic culture and people, and couldn't resist setting down roots even before his study had ended. His strong belief in education and IT background led him to train as a teacher seeking to work with disadvantaged children and improve their chances.

Tom's time working with children with multiple school exclusions and with their families caused him to question if there were deeper problems, where such children and their families were being failed. With a new-found focus, Tom joined the Liberal Democrats in 2015 and has brought his experiences within education as well as on digital and online matters.

Tom has been involved in charity work throughout his life, organising events to raise money for organisations such as the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Children in Need and Cancer Research UK.

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