Pramod Subbaraman

Candidate for Edinburgh Southern


Pramod moved to the UK from India in 2005 in response to an appeal from the Department of Health for overseas dentists to work in the NHS at a time when it was suffering a severe shortage.

He has since lived in various parts of England and Scotland.
Pramod first became interested in UK politics during the 2010 General Election Campaign when he joined the Liberal Democrats.

Having joined he then became a very active member initially in England and then in Scotland.

He has a special interest in federalism, believing that devolution of power and decision making as close to the voter as possible would produce the best outcomes.

Devolution not only to Holyrood, but onwards also to Local Authorities and Community Councils.

He is also keen about the protection of our civil liberties which he believes have been trampled upon by the conservatives at Westminster and the SNP at Holyrood.

He asks for your vote so he can fight for Scotland's place in the UK and in the EU and so he may protect your civil liberties.

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