Kristian Chapman

Kristian Chapman



Kristian Chapman, the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Aberdeen North, came to Aberdeen to study at the University of Aberdeen in 2006. Throughout his time in the city, Kristian became aware of the serious issues faced by its unique, hard-working, fair-minded people.

It was through this acute awareness of these issues drove Kristian to get deeply involved in the Scottish Liberal Democrat party in order to make a real contribution to a stronger, more prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Aberdeen.

Kristian has worked consistently with the Scottish Liberal party at local, national and international levels. Throughout his political career Kristian has represented the young people of Aberdeen at the Scottish, United Kingdom and European levels through the, Old Aberdeen Community Council, National Union of Students and Liberal Youth organisations, tirelessly supporting the principles of freedom, equality and social justice.

Year after year of broken promises by the Labour government and the culture of secrecy and corruption in Westminster have left many people in Aberdeen and beyond both angry and disenchanted with the current practice of politics.

Kristian, along with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, is determined to see a far greater degree of power devolved to local communities in order to transform a political culture which is accountable to no one, in to a culture that is accountable to YOU!


University of Aberdeen
St. Bedes Catholic High School