Jane Ann Liston

Jane Ann Liston



Jane Ann Liston lives in St Andrews and has been a member of the Scottish Liberal Democrats for over 25 years. She was a member of Fife Council from its inception in 1995 until 2007, where she took a particular interest in the environment, affordable housing, public transport, cycling and heritage. She has continued to be an active party member, being Policy Officer for North East & Central Fife Constituency and the vice-chair of the St Andrews branch, as well as being employed as the caseworker for the constituency MSP.

Having brought about some improvements as a councillor, such as more co-ordinated public transport, enhanced cycling facilities and protecting local affordable housing by helping achieve pressured area status for St Andrews and the East Neuk, Jane Ann Liston is determined to keep on trying to make things better for the people of Mid Scotland and Fife. With the Starlink (St Andrews Rail Link) campaign she continues to lobby for a railway to Scotland’s oldest university town and the Home of Golf.

Jane Ann Liston obtained an MA degree and later a BSc with Honours in Psychology, both at the University of St Andrews. She has also been employed in the IT industry, mainly with financial institutions. Extra-curricular activities have included reaching the semi-finals of Mastermind and the final of Brain of Britain.


Trinity Academy, Edinburgh
University of St Andrews - MA (1978)
University of St Andrews - BSc with honours in Psychology (1989)

Occupation:Caseworker for Iain Smith MSP