Tavish Scott
Leader, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Contact Details

Phone: 01595 690044
Phone: 0131 348 5815
Fax: 01595 690055
Fax: 0131 348 5807


Born in 1966 in Inverness, Tavish Scott attended Anderson High School, Lerwick, Shetland and Napier University, Edinburgh, where he attained a BA (Hons) in Business Studies.

After graduating in 1989, Tavish Scott worked for Jim Wallace MP in the House of Commons. He became Scottish press officer for the Liberal Democrats in 1990, before returning to Shetland to run his family's farm.

From 1994 to 1999 Tavish Scott was a local councillor representing Lerwick Harbour and Bressay Ward on Shetland Islands Council. He was Vice-chairman of the Roads and Transport Committee and Chairman of Lerwick Harbour Trust.

Mr Scott held the post of Deputy Minister for Finance, Public Services and Parliamentary Business from 21st May 2003 until 29th June 2005.

Mr Scott held the post of Minister for Transport in the Scottish Cabinet June 2005 until May 2007.

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