Fairer Society

Helping people get on in life

In government and at the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Liberal Democrats are working to build a fairer society where everyone has the chance to get on in life.

Scottish Liberal Democrats in government have cut energy bills and protected extra support for those who need it.

By freezing fuel duty, Scottish Liberal Democrats have helped Scottish motorists save £7 every time they fill up their tank. Families with young children will save £1,200 per child through tax free childcare.

Liberal Democrat tax cuts mean that 2 million ordinary working people across Scotland are receiving at £700 tax cut. Real help in for families in tough times.

In Scotland, we have campaigned against damaging SNP college cuts and opposed centralisation plans which have seen Police stations around the country shut their doors to the public.

Willie Rennie MSP has successfully forced the SNP to follow Liberal Democrat policy on extra free childcare for Scottish families, despite Alex Salmond insisting that he would not act until after the referendum.

After Lib Dem pressure the Scottish Government are matching Liberal Democrat plans for free school meals for infants, saving parents £330 every year.

Scottish Liberal Democrats want to make taxes fairer by boosting our income tax cut for low and middle earners and give 24 million people across the UK another £500 tax cut.

Join our campaign and help us put more money back in your pockets at www.fairertax.org.